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eJournal Advertisement - Quarter Page

eJournal Advertisement - Quarter Page

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Quarter page advertisement in the eJournal.


This year's Gala Journal, which we are calling the "eJournal," is 100% electronic.  eJournals have become an industry standard, and it is not only an environmentally (and economically) sound option; it is more effective at getting our sponsors exposure.  With EEDA's 2000+ contacts, along with our new social media presence, our electronic reach is wide.  Ad's in our eJournal will permanently remain published on our website, and will also be shared extensively through both our email and social media networks.   

Please email your journal greeting exactly as you wish it to appear in the eJournal (you can use an 8.5'X11" sized page as your guide). Ads can be emailed in PDF format to